The Swiss society of engineers and architects (sia) organises guided visits to buildings normally inaccessible to the larger public. To make these visits more attractive for people with children, Ville en tête teamed up with the sia to create a fold out poster for the younger visitors with games and an introduction to urbanism, buildings and construction.

The characters Bim and Cad guide the explorer from the outside into the house, school or various other buildings by switching between theoretical input and practical exploration.
The poster was printed in german, french and italian with three Pantone colours.

Client: Ville en Tête
Publication: A5 to A2 fold-out flyer
Content: Art Direction, Illustration and Graphic Design
Year: 2018

Various craftspeople of the construction trade like the painter, plumber or carpenter are presented.


Materials like concrete, wood and glass get introduced.



One side of the poster is dedicated to the exploration of the environment. What is the texture of the materials used, in what context is the building situated?